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Distanced by millions of views, you and I

By millions of miles masked over mere meters

Every pace i take, every effort, you draw further

But the thought of you shimmers forever


Not knowing if silence shall ever break,

If pity glances shall bloom to wide-eyed stares

The complicated symphony to the serenity of angelic chimes

If unreachable stars ever be melodies that rhyme


O’er the horizon, your smile twinkles and shines

But the separation unjust fate has put us through, unbearable

Your perfection might never be witnessed in true

'Til the day, distanced, we both say “I do”.


We’re mere humans, unknown to the future

Our growing realms, will it ever stop drifting?

Will my hands touch yours, lock ‘til the end?

When you and I, eternity, together we spend. 

gutom ako..

..Hungry for the win…


..despite the sea of successes thee i stood…silent, stationary, blank…the tears wanted to flow but just couldn’t, or wouldn’t…

..why is life so spite of all the efforts i put into this, still nothing…why does EVERYTHING always ends into NOTHING in my life..


..why is it that when the time comes that i’m given the chance to prove something it vanishes into smoke..


..but when the tears finally flowed..that’s when i realized..


..maybe its not me?…maybe the path i took isnt really meant for isnt too late to go back now and redo everything but then, taking the right road…and maybe, just maybe,..its the direct road to success..

..the mind of a doctor

————-hovers above the journals of sickness and cure]

..the mind of a singer

————-treads the melodic grounds of the world of lyrics]

..the mind of a painter

————-brushes the canvas of colors and shades]


..the mind of a WRITER

——-»> ‘tis the one that…
  • inks the paper of independence…
  • inscribes the word of the law…
  • dictates the chronicles of history…
  • indites the letters of love…
  • AND ABOVE ALL…..probes the depth of knowledge and civilization…
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